Welcome to StyleTotal

Fashion is with us every day. Whether we are aware of and follow the latest trends; we rebel against them and keep their own style; or completely deny clothing us with whatever we find in our closet without thinking about combinations and styles, every day the choice of a garment is inescapable. The human need to cover is undeniable, and from the moment that man is man, seeking to differentiate (or copy admired styles) has evolved in the strangest ways.

StyleTotal is a shopping guide that will facilitate the experience of purchasing clothing and accessories. With specific data of each brands, and information about the time and location of various shops, StyleTotal hopes to improve and facilitate the purchase of fashion products.

The site is also a community of users, who will exchange views and information. Customers have the possibility of entering their purchase experiences at different locations; and stores may provide accurate information about their collections, branches, and promotions, updating the data periodically. The goal: provide a dynamic page which supplied recent information and to optimize the purchases of customers; improving the channels of information between brands and their customers.

Our website also has a blog which will present new trends, the history of some paradigmatic objects of fashion, publications, and news about designers and brands.

In this first stage, we will cover tents of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and surrounding areas, with the view to extend horizons by adding other cities and countries.