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Carola Berasso opened DAM in December 1998. She chose the old Palermo neighborhood because it was the most suitable area of Buenos Aires for the atmosphere that she wanted to create.

At that time there were only a few boutiques in Palermo, and they all shared similar aesthetics. These were: Juana de Arco, Salamanca, Fortunata Alegría, Volcánica and Latina. These, with shops like Calma Chicha and Papelera Palermo defined the characteristics of a promising artistic area.

After graduating from the Art School Gerrit Rietved Academia in 1995, Carola returned to Argentina with the intention of creating a boutique that reflected what she had absorbed in Amsterdam (hence the boutique's name).

Over the years Palermo has changed into a very commercial area, with global brands coming in, and smaller entrepeneurs slowly dissapearing.

Throughout this DAM has kept its spirit alive and walked its own path. DAM's emphasis on hand-made designs is one of its defining characteristics, and sets it apart from the mass-produced. Carola makes exclusive items, one-of-a-kind, cut by herself and sewn by a seamstress.

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Carola Berasso
Ciudad de Buenos Aires


+54 11 4833 3935

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Honduras 4775
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
+54 11 4833 3935
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